About Us

Single people from different parts of the planet rely on the dating industry to find a compatible partner for dates and relationships. There are numerous websites focused on online connections and communication. Being introverted or disappointed with your local guys or girls, dating websites is an ideal variant to get in touch with an interesting person makes you. It`s a wonderful way to a first move without feeling like you’re putting yourself out there too much. These sites present you with a chance to meet many seductive partners nearby or in the preferred area you’d never know existed otherwise.

Choosing a reliable and trustworthy website is the most important thing for a pleasant dating experience. But how to choose the best one, when each of them claims to be effective and safe. With tens of websites to choose from, we offer an easy way to narrow down your options to the few the most essential.

Who we are?

We`re an independent group of amateurs (not experts) genuinely interested in helping singles to find a perfect site for their search. We join popular dating websites for testing the services out from the client`s point. Reading our reviews, you save your valuable time and select only effective venues that really work. Faced with scams in the dating industry, now we want to help you find love online, avoiding hidden bills and liars.

How do we review?

Registering each dating website, we check the most ancient criteria, making online communicating easy and comfortable. We compare them with other sites` features to decide rather it`s effective for an average internet user or not. Our enthusiasts rate websites on a 10-point scale and assign up to 5 stars. One star means 2 points in the rating. The most important features we pay attention to are listed below.


You shouldn`t be tech-savvy to differentiate a good interface from the bad one. Top-rated sites are designed to be simple and convenient in everyday use. They have a simple structure and intuitive settings. The registration, account creation, settings, and search have to work fast and easy. We recommend only those sites which have a simple design with only efficient communication perks.


While the registration on these websites is free, the additional functions are usually paid. But the price should be reasonable and affordable for an average user. We check and compare the sites` prices and the services` quality to make sure you invest rationally.

Other reviews

We read and learn other reviews not to lose something important for our readers. To be objective, we research not only our colleagues` reviews but also real users` feedbacks. Nothing sounds more convincingly than a genuine experience described by people interested in dating.


Inexperienced internet users always have a risk of being catfished. Our team checks the safety measures that utilizes each dating site, especially when it comes to payments. The verification step is also important to save participants from bots and scams. We consider these points in our reviews.


Every new site`s member needs to be certain his or her personal data is under the highest protection. Testing dating sites, we reveal the safety and confidentiality of data users leave and recommend only secure websites.

Being in search of someone who shares your values and looks in the same direction, don`t be afraid to try something new. If previous sites doesn`t work for you, move on our reviews and choose the best site, fitting your budget and standards. Without wasting your time on registering tens of scam sites with empty profiles, you find a special person for relationships on our recommended websites.