Beautiful Polish Brides: Character And Habits Of Polish Girls For Marriage

Polish Bride

International marriages are becoming more and more common. Why? Just because it`s extremely easy to find your love online today. You don`t have to go to another country to look for a person to fall in love with. American and European men stay at home, take their smartphones or laptops, and start their wife search. Polish brides are one of the most desired. How come? Find the reasons for such popularity below.

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The most interesting facts about Polish mail order brides

It`s a well-known truth today that beautiful foreign girls tend to marry Westerners and move away from their countries. Are Polish women the same? The facts below might be new for you.

They support international marriages

According to the Polish Central Statistical Office marriages between Poles and foreigners increase every year. As expected, Polish girls choose foreign husbands mainly from Western countries such as the USA, the UK, Germany, and Italy. But no matter what country you`re from, you have all chances to date a lady from Poland as they`re open to it.

They believe family is the most important in life

Modern Polish women still live to the same family values their mothers and grandmothers had. They believe men are the head of the family and the main providers. A woman`s role is to support her husband, make his life comfortable and full of love and care. It`s a girl`s responsibility to keep the home clean and tidy, cook for the whole family, and bring up the kids. Though, they also believe equality and partnership are crucial in any relationship. At the same time — there are gender roles everyone should remember of.

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What to remember when dating cute Polish girls?

When dating Polish women, you`d better keep in mind certain differences and cultural peculiarities.

  • Religion. Over 85% of Poles are Catholic. The Institute of Catholic Church Statistics has found that religion still remains a strong force in Poland. However, even though most Poles are religious, few consider themselves “strongly committed” to their faith. It all just means that you won`t probably have any problem on a religious basis, but still, it`s better to check out with your girl if your beliefs may somehow interfere with your relationship.
  • Dating traditions. You`re most likely used to certain customs and habits your culture dictates when it comes to dating your local girls. Is Polish dating culture very different from the Western one? Not really. Though, there are a few rules to remember. First, never give an odd number of flowers if you decide to bring them for the date. And they shouldn`t be yellow. Second, to be on the safe side, offer to pay the bill. And insist, if she rejects. Finally, never say a bad word about her country, even if she starts criticizing it. It would work out better if you give it some compliments.

Tips for dating Polish girls

Here are a few more recommendations to make sure your Polish wife search turns out to be successful.

  • Don`t be late. Unlike many other countries where being 15 minutes late is absolutely fine, it`s the opposite in Poland. It`s tactless and disrespectful. Your girl won`t wait for you for longer than 15 minutes thinking you won`t come anyway. So, if you`re running late, notifying her about this fact is a must for Polish culture.
  • Greet properly. In most cases, regular “Hi” or “Hello” will do. A firm handshake is also fine for modern Polish ladies. But kissing her hand isn`t that great idea even if you`ve seen that thousands of times in Hollywood romantic comedies. It`s considered old-fashioned in Poland. Many women also prefer a kiss on the cheek. But only once. Three kisses are for family members.
  • Walk your date. But not to her home. Well, maybe not on your first date. The thing is it`s considered a bit old-fashioned and even impractical if you`re in a big city. If you live far away from each other, she might misunderstand your gesture. But walking your date to a taxi, or any other public transport is totally okay and even expected.

Thousands of beautiful Polish girls are online right now in wait for a single man like you. Then what stops you from using this chance?