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Whether you are Bulgarian, live in Bulgaria, or just visit this site and the different photos, it certainly will not have escaped your notice: at first glance, Bulgarian girls look really very beautiful. At first, we were just seeing the incredible number of pretty girls roaming the streets. And then afterwards, we wanted to understand and better understand the phenomenon. This is how the Theory of the Second Vision came about. It was mainly Sylvain (whom I congratulate on his investigative work) and myself who have tried to develop it, and it is almost coming of age.

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Precepts of the Second Vision

This document is written with the aim of rationalizing the observations that the authors may have made during their stay in Bulgaria, observations concerning the local fairer sex, and which corroborate with those of a majority of foreigners having lived there for a period of more or less shorter, as well as with the inhabitants of the country themselves.

Before moving on to the description of the Second Vision itself, it is worth remembering that the authors decided to develop it after the “three steps” they had previously developed did not prove to be enough. complete. The authors consider it necessary to define these three stages before moving on to that of the Second Vision.

The three stages:

– First step: The first step is the one you are in when you get off the plane. We're brand new, we're not prepared. All the Bulgarian girls we see look magnificent, with very tiny exceptions, exceptions that therefore go completely unnoticed in this mass of perfect brides parading before our eyes.

– Second stage: we enter the second stage following a kind of shock that takes us out of the first. It can be an awareness that the first step logically cannot be valid, or the nervousness due to the same first step, or even a desire to rationalize what we really see. The second step is to tell yourself that in the end, the girls in Bulgaria are not that beautiful, or at least they are not prettier than in any other country in the world.

– Third stage: the third stage could be qualified as "relapse". She starts from the alarming observation that despite all the efforts that we make to stay in the second stage, there is nothing to do, there is always a moment when all the girls that we can see look magnificent. , without exception. It's a kind of forced return to the first stage, but still with a little inconvenient aspect, due to the passage we made in the second stage.

The three stages are essentially contemplative, in the sense that they were elaborated simply by using the feelings of the authors. The Second Vision is intended to be a more calm explanation of the phenomenon of “Bulgarian women”, an explanation carried out as far as possible, “cold”. It mainly aims to rationalize this phenomenon and thus to theorize it. It is therefore different from the three previous stages, which were only the result of real life, of experience, in short from what we had seen in the street.

So we could say that the Second Vision theory, if it turns out to be valid and without error, must be able to explain what is happening on the ground, and thus explain the first three steps.

Simply, and before moving on to the detailed description of the Second Vision, let us specify that the authors themselves sometimes recognize the probable existence of "flaws" in the Second Vision, due in particular to an overabundance of side effects. These side effects appear especially when there is too strong an upsurge of so-called "atypical" individuals in the population (in other words: too many "unusually beautiful" girls appearing suddenly); but for now let's not go too far in theory.

One of the reasons which led to the development of the second vision, it is the refusal of a genetic fatality which would dictate the following syllogism: "Bulgarian brides, thanks to the superior quality of their genes, are more beautiful than the average of other women in the world ”.

The Second Vision:

What is described in the following is a list of things that the authors have identified as all factors that contribute, sometimes only in appearance, to making Bulgarian brides more beautiful than the average bride in the world.

First of all, one of the main characteristics of Bulgaria is that appearance is extremely important here, be it physical or material appearance. So we can see, for example, that here tuning is a national sport. From this same observation, we can also notice the concern that Bulgarians with an “e” give to their physical appearance.

One of the first things that strikes a foreigner when he arrives in Bulgaria is the small size of the mini-skirts these young ladies wear, the meanness of their "low-waisted" pants and the height of their t-shirts. " tall ". This observation is all the more striking at the seaside, where the thong and topless are de rigueur. Need proof? Here is an example:


In addition, a very very large majority of girls in Bulgaria wear makeup every day. There is no doubt that these two observations alone may be enough, for an unprepared individual, to pass as soon as the plane lands, in the first stage.

These two observations alone are also a founding argument for the second vision. The authors are convinced that if the French had adopted the same behavior in this regard as the Bulgarians, the latter would have already lost much of their superiority of appearance.

Another argument born from the observation of the authors, the difference in food. In Bulgaria, for example, the salad is very popular. In addition, the salads served in restaurants are often large enough to be able to do without eating another (fatter) dish afterwards. Bulgarians also like to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Add to this the fact that foods are not like in France for example, full of additives and preservatives of all kinds, which influence the metabolism and tend to modify its activity by minimizing for example its ability to eliminate fatty substances . These observations could be corroborated by the testimony, in particular, of agricultural engineers and Bulgarians who noted that their stay in France had not been profitable for them from the point of view of the weight mass.

And although Bulgaria is now starting to use more and more of these additives and other preservatives in its food, the effects do not seem to have started to be felt in any significant way.

The exoticism of these young women is also a character that subjectively plays on our psyche and makes them appear prettier to us than if we had the objectivity of a perfect judge. Indeed, to illustrate our point, we will take the example of these women with tanned skin and very black hair, slender figures, glowing eyes, firm breasts and … ah …

There is a genetic trait in this last argument that might seem to go against the grain of what the Second Vision was created for. However, the authors have included it because for them, it is the exoticism that these genetic character traits convey to a foreigner, more than the superiority of the genes themselves, which make Bulgarians appear more beautiful than brides. of the country where they are from.

In the light of all these arguments, the traveler is in a position to have a more balanced reflection on the “Bulgarian bride” effect (which should not be confused with the “Bulgaria effect”, the latter not being not explained here). Thus, it is not uncommon, after we are aware of this, and provided we look at them a little more attentively, to notice that the young ladies who seemed to us so pretty ten meters away, appear now much less attractive.

Points to clarify:

We must also add a strange phenomenon, which the Second Vision absolutely cannot explain: the majority of Bulgarian men, according to our observation and especially those of French and Bulgarian girls, are not really beautiful, or in any case are quite pretty. far from the level of their female compatriots (Bulgarian friends do not be offended, this is only a "basic" generality which does not prevail over individual cases, very fortunately. If you do not agree, please let us know. sign).

So we can often see men walking around with a lot of overweight and little "physical strength", with their arms beautiful slender creatures (sometimes too aptly).

Another striking thing is that Bulgarians, and brides in particular, eat a lot of pizza, in stalls scattered throughout the cities. And for a Bulgarian, it is not conceivable to eat his pizza without a layer of 2cm of ketchup, and the same on top of mayonnaise. Sometimes, you even add a third layer of another sauce, curry for example, in case you could possibly still taste like pizza. We have already seen a quadruple thickness strewn over the pizza … So some young women make these pizzas-mayo-ketchup their favorite dish. And on closer inspection, the brides who eat these pizzas… Are skinny.

Finally, the main gray area remains that, sometimes, the observer is confronted with an abnormal and prolonged overabundance of side effects (individuals largely exceeding the average, here by their charms and their beauty: "atypical" individuals above). Thus, the theory turns out to be more than abused in these moments since the observation no longer matches the theoretical model at all.

This state of affairs is sometimes so extraordinary that it can cause the most fervent defender of the Second Vision to fall back for a time in the third stage, depriving him of all objectivity and making futile any attempt at deterrence on the part of those close to him. The only solution to get out of it would be to find the mystery of these shadow points, because the individual then caught up in the gear presses on the cited faults of this Second Vision, and even persists in wanting to destroy this theory which has nevertheless been the fruit of intense research. He told himself that, in the end, all these creatures got the better of him, that passion prevail over the reason embodied in the Second Vision.

The myth of the siren song is not far off.