All The Secrets About Dating Korean Hot Girls

All The Secrets About Dating Korean Hot Girls

American and European women aren`t your type? Need a more feminine wife with a more traditional attitude to family and relationships? Have you ever considered sexy Korean women? The Eastern girls, for many reasons, match Westerners perfectly well. Let`s figure out what those reasons are and learn the Korean girls` characteristics.

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Why should you consider hot Korean girls for dating and marriage?

There are so many beautiful foreign brides and Korean girls are always on top. Why?


The beauty standards in the country are pretty high. Lots of Koreans (especially the younger ones) believe a good appearance defines how successful you might be. There`s an opinion that the prettier your CV photo is, the more likely you`ll get the job. Typical appearance — feminine tender body shape, slender V-shaped face, thin lips, straight eyebrows, smooth skin, and big eyes.


If to describe Korean style in a few words, it would be — classic, but modern feminine aesthetic. Girls know the way of styling clothes items that usually seem unmatchable. Dresses and sneakers, dresses over blouses, jackets and baseball caps or berets. But what`s more — the clothes are always comfortable. Oversized pull-overs or modern feminine blouses — girls always feel confident in what they wear.


Many Europeans and Americans admit it`s extremely easy to hit it off with Korean ladies. The girls are so friendly and fun, yet well-mannered and polite, that guys feel comfortable and free the very moment they get acquainted with their Eastern dates. What`s more, the girls are great when they`re in a relationship or married. They respect their partners and see their families as a top priority.

TOP 3 facts you didn`t know about hot Korean women

There`s something you probably have no idea of when thinking about Korean women.

Fact #1: They`re tech junkies

What does that mean? Well, they love all those modern gadgets. They`re real digital addicts and always have their smartphones with them. The country has the fastest internet connection in the world! The best way to contact your Korean girls is to text her.

Fact #2: They`re food-fans

Koreans love to eat. They love tasty spicy food. And they love fast food delivery service! The food delivery in Korea is regarded as one of the best in the world. An interesting fact: once you`ve finished eating, you can leave the dishes outside your door and the person who delivered your food will come back later to pick them up. No mess, no cleaning!

Fact #3: They`re plastic surgery addicts

While plastic surgeries are still a taboo in some countries, or at least they`re not so widely spread in many, they`re super normal in Korea. Even children can get gift cards for plastic surgeries for their birthdays! So, they don`t even have to ask for parental approval. The most popular zones for surgery are the eyes, nose, and chin. As a result — a more “Caucasian look”. Really beautiful!

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Dos and Dont`s when dating sexy Korean girls

What are the tips when dating a girl from Korea? What are the taboos? And what are the things you`d better always do?


  • Avoid a playboy image. Korean girls automatically see Western guys as womanizers. That`s probably because your appearance attracts Eastern women, and they think you might take advantage of it. Avoid it.
  • Demonstrate your respect to her family. Family is important in Korea. You`ll see your girl is respectful and obedient to her parents. Never underestimate her relatives` influence and make a good impression, so they like you.
  • Be prepared to pull out your wallet. Korean girls are quite conservative when it comes to the question “Who pays?”. Men should pay, in their opinion. It demonstrates their ability to provide for a family and be a leader.


  • Don`t be too affectionate in public. It`s not like you can`t express your feelings. You can hold hands, hug, and sometimes even kiss. But all of these shouldn`t look vulgarly or obtrusively.
  • Don`t miss special couple days. In Korea, they have Valentines` Day every month! Every 14th day of each month is special for couples and your girlfriend will appreciate if you present her with a nice gift or flowers.

Korean girls are great when it comes to dating foreigners. They look for husbands abroad on different dating platforms. Why don`t you use a chance and find your love online?