• July 22, 2021
 The List Of Young, Wild, And Hot Indian Girls To Follow

The List Of Young, Wild, And Hot Indian Girls To Follow

hy is there a list of hot Indian girls on Instagram? Because among hundreds of stunning IG girls in India, you deserve to follow only the best. Without further ado, presenting you the hottest Indian girls on Instagram!

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Shivani Singh @shivani.singh

Let’s start with this list of sexy Indian ladies with this dazzling Indian hot girl. Shivani is a successful Indian actress, model, and influencer. She’s been working in the industry for almost a decade and has proved to be not only gifted with stunning natural beauty, but an immense talent as well. The state of Shivani’s body deserves a round of applause: this lady takes care of her appearance and leads a healthy lifestyle. Many hot and beautiful Indian girls would envy her!

She’s one of those Indian girls who are sexy inside and out. Shivani is an inspiration for many beginner actresses in the country and other 777k followers. Follow her on IG to read cute English descriptions and discover fun content right away.

Prajakta Dusane @praju_starlet

A queen of an hourglass figure and breathtaking selfies—Prajakta is a clothing brand ambassador and model. Not a single Indian lady can compete with her body. She’s beautiful from head to toe. This sexy Indian girl speaks English fluently and has all her posts in English for her international followers.

Prajakta gathered more than 1,2 million followers who admire her as a woman and as a blogger. If you want to understand what your gorgeous Indian chick on IG says, Prajakta can warranty you an instant connection.

Charlie Chauhan @charliechauhan

Welcome another beautiful sexy Indian woman on your feed—Charlie! She’s a young fit Indian lady who loves yoga, dancing, and sharing her life with more than 1 million international followers. Charlie is a sports addict: she goes to stretching classes, regular gym sessions, and exotic dance classes.

This hot Indian girl promotes her culture on Instagram as nobody does. She does regular photoshoots and dance videos in traditional Indian clothing! If you’re a fan of true Indian heritage and beautiful women, following Charlie be the best choice in your life. Charlie Chauhan

Zaara Yesmin @zaarayesmin

Zaara is a rising star in the Indian showbiz industry. She’s a young actress, entrepreneur, and world traveler. This Indian sexy lady proudly states she’s happily single in her description too! She’s constantly starring in local Indian movies, so her fans and followers have tons of exciting content coming through almost every month!

Zaara’s content is diverse: she posts selfies and pictures in casual/traditional clothing, teasers to her upcoming films and music, and other spicy details about her Indian life. Check out her IG page for more content about hot Indian ladies.

Purbasha Das @purbaasha

If you want to follow a live blog of a hot Indian lady, Purbasha’s Instagram is the top choice for you. She’s a young public figure and a travel blogger. She mainly posts professional photos in various clothing and accessory brands. Purbasha has a lot of saved stories from her trips for followers.

They’re able to watch and enjoy various beautiful sights, travel together to different countries and cities, and keep an eye on her exciting life. Purbasha can take you on a life-long trip across the globe, only if you hit the follow button!

Ruma Sharma @ruma_sharmaa

Another stunning hottie in the top 10 beautiful and sexy Indian women— Ruma! She’s a stunning 24 y.o. Indian model, influencer, and content creator. She loves her heritage and showcases her pride in Indian roots by wearing traditional clothes daily and teaching others about the history of her land. Ruma attracts followers with bright pictures, a stunning smile, and a positive attitude towards life.

Indian girls are immensely hot, and Ruma is another proof of that. A slim fit body with dark long silky hair and deep brown eyes—what else could you dream of seeing on your timeline?

Neha Malik @nehamalik335

Welcome another Indian sexy woman to your IG followings. Neha is a gorgeous lady and a successful model, actress, and blogger based in Mumbai. She’s in love with the gym, nature, and her Indian heritage. Neha’s page mostly consists of her beautiful self smiling and posing, working out in the gym, or showcasing new MVs or shows she’s starred in.

Neha won over more than 2 million hearts worldwide. She’s shy, hardworking, and a perfect example of a stunning young lady from India. Join her Instagram family and enjoy premium Indian content.

Gauri Mehta @gaurimehtaa

Not putting this Indian hot and sexy girl on this top 10 IG list would be a crime. Just as her bio says—she wants it, she’s got it! Gauri is a successful owner of a lash brand and a Desi karaoke spot in Dubai. Her page is eye candy for Indian beauty enjoyers—her looks are always on point, no matter what she wears.

Gauri was blessed with long luscious hair and a godlike body, and she isn’t afraid to flaunt it under the sun at the beach! If you’re a guy who loves to look at something stunning, look at Gauri!

Sakshi Malik @sakshimalikk

Looking for Indian hot women? Don’t forget to add Sakshi! This young and beautiful one has more than 6 million followers—she’s hot, independent, and inspiring. Her page is mostly in English, so international subscribers have no trouble communicating and reading Sakshi’s posts. She uploads short home workout tutorials, where she shows off her strong and gorgeous body in cute gym clothes.

Sakshi loves water and constantly uploads beach pictures to share the sunlight with the rest of the world. Follow her and discover more cool info about Sakshi’s life!

Heena Panchaal @theofficialheena

Last but not least, one of the hottest Indian girls on Instagram—Heena. This lady is so much more than just a pretty face and gorgeous body. She’s an artist, influencer, and performer. Her traditional Indian dance captures not only the eyes of the viewers but their hearts too! No matter what she does, Heena keeps a positive mindset and a smile on her lips.

She loves sharing her workout routines, silly videos, and beautiful photos every day! If your eyes crave Indian beauty and daily updates, Heena is among the best girls to follow!

Choose your favorite hot girl with Indian roots and add colors to your IG feed by following her.