• June 18, 2021
 Cool Facts About Sexy Ukrainian Women You Probably Didn’t Know

Cool Facts About Sexy Ukrainian Women You Probably Didn’t Know

Literally tens of thousands of hot Ukraine girls use mail bride services every single day and thousands of them marry foreigners every single year. Well, why not? These girls are really hot and smart. They are feminine and charming, they respect traditional gender values, etc. — it looks like a lady from Ukraine is a great choice for every man who wants to find a wife.

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But can they really be called a “perfect wife material”? What is their secret and why does everyone go crazy on them? And what are the most useful tips on how to date these gorgeous ladies? Continue reading to find the answers — our experts have already done all the job for you, so all you need to do to understand Ukrainian girls better is to read this short article!

Hot Ukrainian girls: What is their secret?

Want to date a hot Ukrainian woman? That’s a great choice! These girls are often called the most beautiful European women, they are a little traditional (in a way that doesn’t hurt their ability to earn money and make social connections), and they always look gorgeous. But that’s not all — we believe that there are at least three important things about Ukrainian ladies you have to know. Here they are.

  1. First of all, they are not too demanding. Of course, there are nines and dimes who only date billionaires and celebrities, but it’s not a Ukrainian-only thing; it’s actually a very international thing and you can find such women in every nation. Ukrainian ladies earn less than any other European and American citizen, so they will think you are rich even if you make $8 per hour (average monthly wage in Ukraine is about $390). They are also not very demanding when it comes to gifts and presents — for Ukrainians, it’s usually the gift itself that matters, not the price of the gift.
  2. Many Ukrainian ladies know English quite well which is a great thing because you will not have to solve that “language barrier” problem most men who date foreigners have to face. Not all of them are fluent speakers, but usually, they speak and write at the B1-B2 level.
  3. They are usually direct and straightforward. Most of these women don’t play games and don’t try to hide their feelings — if they like you, you’ll see it, but if they don’t, they won’t try to sugar the pill.

Dating hot Ukrainian women: The most useful tips

Here’s another thing you must know: dating beautiful foreign brides can be quite difficult, and it’s not just about the previously mentioned language barrier. It’s also about the cultural differences — 100% of the ladies you’ll meet on the dating websites were raised in another cultural background which means they have different dating etiquette, different customs, and different views than you. What does it mean for you and what should you do to have a successful and strong relationship with hot Ukrainian girls? We’ll tell you right here.

  • First of all, it would be nice if you buy her a gift or a flower bouquet. That’s what many Ukrainian men do on the first date, and that’s a perfect thing you can do to show that you are interested in a woman and that you want to impress her. It doesn’t mean you should buy 100 long stem red roses on the first date, of course — something small will work great, too. Oh, and it’s you who pays for the date, don’t forget about it.
  • Don’t wait too long to propose. We understand that “extremely quick proposal” stories are not the kind of stories that people tell about mail order brides, but you shouldn’t also wait for, say, 5 years. These women are very marriage-minded, and they are basically ready to get engaged since they are 18-20. So, don’t wait too long.
  • Don’t be afraid, they are not aliens — girls from Ukraine are actually like all the other women. They love charismatic, ambitious, and financially stable men who are able to provide for the family and who treat them with respect. So just be yourself, save that old fashioned gentleman’s behavior for her, and you will love the result.

Hence, dating a hot Ukrainian girl is no rocket science, and literally anyone who is ready to be a gentleman can get her. Go on and try!