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How to meet a Chinese bride: my tips and tricks

If you have a thing for Chinese women, you have certainly wished to meet one. Whether it's for a serious affair or to spend the night with, there are some pretty easy ways to get in touch with a Chinese woman. However, then you have to know how to seduce her and treat her with the respect she expects. Because among Asian brides, the Chinese are by far the most demanding!

To guide you, I give you the best ways to meet a Chinese bride, as well as my advice on approaching her, seducing her and having a successful relationship.

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What to know about Chinese brides

There is one thing you should know before setting out on a quest for a Chinese bride: they are in high demand! First of all, because they are so pretty! But this is mostly due to the fact that many Chinese men are single in China. As the country is very populated, competition is fierce.

Because of this, Chinese brides are very demanding. I have dated several Chinese girls over the past few years, and I have to admit that most of them have strong character! But that's also why I like them so much, because you don't get bored with them. In bed where they become real furies, or in everyday life where they are often funny and sparkling, being in a relationship with a Chinese girl is really great!

The Chinese want, in 90% of cases, serious relations. If you are only looking for a sex scene, specify it quickly enough or you will waste your time! And be aware that this will only work with Chinese women from France. In China, this is hardly ever done! Once you are aware of this, you should also know the expectations of Chinese brides.

They have fairly high criteria for the following:

– physically, they like western men who take care of them. Dress style is very important for a Chinese! During a meeting, or in the photos you could exchange with a Chinese woman on a site, for example, choose shirts! And if you have a date with a Chinese bride in China, especially make an effort! I have seen too many men come dressed as tourists on their first date… The faces of the women who were waiting for them spoke volumes about their opinion and I can guarantee you that the dates should not have happened. eternize!

– social status is of great importance, especially in the eyes of the family. A Chinese woman will be happy to go out with you and introduce you to her family if you do a profitable job, or an interesting job. It's up to you to present the thing in a sales style!

– Chinese brides like cultured men. It’s part of their education so don’t hesitate to discuss arts and literature with her. Moreover, as French, they expect a certain cultural level from you, know that! Being French, for a Chinese woman, is a determining factor. They have a very romantic, very luxurious image of France, and you can play with them without difficulty.

Once you understand these different elements, all you have to do is start looking for a Chinese woman. Here are the best ways for me to do it!

Or meet a Chinese bride?

Whether you are in France or in China, the contact methods do not differ very much in the end, as I explain to you here. For my part, Chinese dating sites remain the most efficient and fastest solution to meet a Chinese woman. But it is quite possible to also meet them when going out, in bars or at parties.

It's up to you to choose your preferred method.

Chinese dating sites

In France, Chinese brides are often close to the Chinese community and it is not easy to enter it, especially if you are not yourself Chinese! In China, it is very difficult to pace a woman on the street to start a discussion, as the language barrier and cultural differences will not help communication.

As a result, Chinese dating sites offer quite a few advantages. Chinese brides who date them are looking for a man for a serious relationship, so you know you have your chances. They will also be much more comfortable chatting behind a screen. It's a perfect way to bond with a Chinese woman, for example, for a trip to China. By having prepared the meeting beforehand, you will only have to make an appointment during your stay.

Those who live in China know that many brides prefer dating sites to meet their husbands!

Among Chinese dating sites, AsiaFriendFinder presents the best possibilities. The site has a huge community around the world and it will be easy to connect you with a Chinese bride.

We have devoted a full test to it which you can read on this page, but be aware that this dating site works like a social network. Adding friends, possibility of commenting and liking the status of other users, this will allow you to create a network that can be useful to you when traveling in particular. This is how I met Xiaoyu, with whom I had a story of a few months in China. We had started chatting on AsiaFriendFinder, by chance, when I had a trip to Beijing planned for the following month. When I arrived, she picked me up at the airport and we never left the trip!

Even today, this is a site that I use to plan my trips and meet Chinese brides or meet Asians more generally!

The second site is ChinaLove cupid. More specific to Chinese dating, the Chinalove Cupid site is part of the Cupid media network, which manages sites specializing in Asian dating. There are several thousand Chinese users registered here.

We also do a lot of meetings and there are more sex scenes in France. It’s interesting for those who don’t want to meet too serious. However, user profiles in China are looking for lasting relationships!

This Chinese dating site is well thought out, including the ability to automatically translate messages received into a language you do not understand (subject to subscription).

See our full test for more information.

When you create your profile on a Chinese dating site, take care of it because as mentioned above, Chinese women are very sensitive to appearance!

In China, in the evening

It may sound strange to those with a narrow view of China, but it is quite possible to meet people in bars when going out in China!

For the younger ones, it is not as easy as it has been said, the family is watching and will take a dim view of their daughter's relationship with a stranger. However, with a little patience, it is possible. For my part, I prefer more mature brides (over 30), and they are very likely to be single in China! There is a simple reason for this: in Asia, in general, a 30-year-old single bride is no longer suitable for marriage! If she already has a child, she will be rejected outright… Therefore, if you go out to cocktail bars or elegant clubs, you will have a good chance of finding brides looking for partners.

It's up to you to show courtesy and play the gentleman, to seduce these Chinese brides. When I am single in China, I often go to these kinds of places. Well dressed, with the right budget (because entry may be chargeable for men), I easily meet people.

In France, during Chinese events and parties

If you are in France, you know that the Chinese community is very present. Yet, since she is quite closed, it is difficult to meet Chinese girls outside of faculty or academia.

The easiest way is to participate in the many events organized by the Chinese community to promote their culture. The Chinese New Year in February, the night of China organized in several major cities, the various cultural exhibitions. You will meet Chinese cultivated and delighted that you are interested in their culture!

In addition, for the most partiers, many evenings are organized in the big cities of France. At the Palais Maillot in Paris, I remember taking part in a frenzied Asian hip hop evening! The major organizer of Asian parties in France is AZNCO, and you can find as much information as possible on their Facebook page.

Tips for meeting and seducing a Chinese bride

Meeting a Chinese woman is good, being able to seduce her is even better! I have had several Chinese girlfriends and two of my friends are in a relationship with a Chinese woman. The advice I am giving you here could therefore be very useful to you!

First of all, always keep in mind that Chinese brides are demanding and can pay attention to details. Your clothes should be clean, ironed and of good quality when you have a date with a Chinese woman! On your side, do not hesitate to perfume yourself a little, she loves it! Chinese women are women of taste!

Still quite traditional, Chinese women appreciate small attentions and gifts. A bouquet of roses, a box of chocolate, and you'll see them smile.

Take an interest in her, her life and her passions. Chinese people are very sensitive to men who listen to them. During a date, I advise you to let him choose a small restaurant that he knows. It will be the perfect opportunity for her to introduce you to things and for you to listen to her with passion! Also, be aware that while some Chinese love romance, especially coming from a French, a Chinese girl might feel oppressed or embarrassed by too much romance on the first date.

Under their sometimes a little cold or haughty air, Chinese brides are very funny, as you will discover in private. So make your potential conquest laugh! One trick is to try to speak to him in Chinese… it always works!

You are now ready to live a superb experience in the arms of a beautiful Chinese girl!