• June 18, 2021
 A List Of Beautiful Sexy Asian Girls On Instagram

A List Of Beautiful Sexy Asian Girls On Instagram

If you’re down to meet some gorgeous Oriental ladies, this list is for you! Without further ado, check out these sexy Asian women on IG.

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Park Sooyoung @_imyour_joy

Starting from 24 y.o. cutie-sexy, Sooyoung a.k.a. Joy is known for being a model, brand ambassador, singer, and actress in South Korea. She’s gorgeous, tall, and one of those sexy Asian girls on Instagram that’ll conquer your heart with her smile. Joy’s Instagram feed is diverse: she often posts photoshoots in different themes, where adorable sets intertwine with sexy photos from MV shooting, etc.

Sooyoung has an etalon face: velvet pale skin, deep glistening eyes, small nose, and oval face. She usually wears natural makeup and stylish clothing, which highlights her best features (e.g. long legs and small waist!) If you’re looking for a pretty Asian lady who’ll be a great addition to your IG feed, Park Sooyoung is the top choice.

Park Sooyoung

Alice Wang @itsalicewang

Alice Wang is a young fashion stylist and creative consultant. This Asian hot girl was born in Shanghai. Alice knows how to dress to impress: her looks are often simple but sexy. She loves wearing wide jeans with a revealing crop top, or a tight silk dress accentuating her hourglass figure with long legs.

Alice keeps her page clean and often posts stories from her daily life. She’s not immensely popular, but the ones who discover her Instagram are lucky people! Add a bit of fashion and Asian beauty to your page by following hot Asian girls on Instagram like Alice.

Alice Wang

Tabitha Budiman @tabithabudiman

This Asian girl is a hot and delicious addition to your feed. Tabitha lives in Bali, where lust and sexy vibes fly in the air 24/7. She loves to dance, have fun, and entertain her followers. Although she’s Indonesian, her skin is rather pale. Tabi works as a model, blogger, and a fashion influencer all around her country.

She doesn’t try to hide her gorgeous body with firm breasts and petite frame, and she shows it to the world in cute swimsuits and dresses without any troubles. Follow Tabitha for daily updates on her colorful life!

Tabitha Budiman

Oanh @oanhdaqueen

Another hot Asian lady who can bless your eyes with her beauty, Oanh is a Vietnamese model, influencer, and blogger based in sunny Cali. Her Instagram page is nothing but a delight to the eye: Oanh has a breathtaking body that steals attention from other Asian ladies. Small waist, pretty face, and long-long velvety legs.

Oanh is an ambassador for many clothing brands. This sexy Asian woman can make your Instagram a catalog of beauty, so make sure to follow Oanh for quality pictures and fun discussions.


Unknown Beauty @uncle44

You may not know her name, but for sure you know she’s a true Asian goddess. Uncle44 is a Chinese influencer, fashion brand founder, and model. She’s young, wild, and free. She loves partying with her friends, working for her clothing brand, and enjoying every moment of her life.

She’s one of those Asian hot girls who don’t pretend to be perfect on their page. This girl got tattoos and some unhealthy habits, but she’s got an enthralling charm nobody can resist. If you’re searching for badass hot Asian women on Instagram, this girl is exactly what you need.

Unknown Beauty

Choi Youra @yoou.ch

A young Korean girl oozing with sexiness and charm, Youra is a 23 y.o. blogger, model, and brand co-founder. Her Instagram page has mostly stunning selfies, pictures with friends, and daily photo dumps. Youra’s got a flawless Korean face, wide hips, a flat stomach, and gorgeous long legs.

Youra is one of the hot Asian Instagram girls who share the smallest details about their daily life: from going to the gym and walking her cat to partying and laying in bed on rainy evenings. If you like unfiltered real-life content, choose Youra as your source of daily Asian fun.

Choi Youra

Wei Selene @selene.0703

Another sexy Asian girl on Instagram who’ll spice up your feed with peachy photos and pretty selfies. Selene is a Chinese entrepreneur, co-founder of a clothing brand, and art director. She’s only 25, but her career and life are prospering. Selene is an inspiration for thousands of people worldwide, and you can follow her to keep up with updates on her life.

This girl isn’t afraid to show off her goddess-like body. She teases her followers with butt picks, lingerie snaps in stories, and cleavage blouses. Selene is the embodiment of Asian hotness and beauty, so hit the follow button and enjoy her content.

Wei Selene

Gayoung @ga_zero323

This Asian sexy girl is a treat for men who like stunning female bodies and natural beauty. Gayoung, mostly called Bunny on her IG, is a Korean model and blogger. She’s got an hourglass figure and knows how to highlight the best parts of her appearance. Gayoung often posts revealing photos on her page, no wonder the public calls her one of the most beautiful and sexy Asian women.

She has short vlogs in her saved stories, where her 30k+ followers can see bits of the Korean lifestyle and her photoshoot preparations. Follow this sexy Asian lady for the exclusive naughty content and gorgeous pictures.


Cristina Lee @crissielee_

This stunning 24 y.o. Taiwanese model has nothing but jaw-dropping pictures on her page. Crissie was gifted with a flawless body: thin waist, perky breasts, and long silky legs. Her fashion sense always showcases the advantages of her stunning looks. Crissie often travels the world and loves going on adventures and trips, which makes her IG feed interesting and bright.

If you love seeing beautiful and sexy Asian girls in dresses, skirts, and tight blouses, Crissie is a must-follow!

Cristina Lee

DJ MIU @2km2km

Ready to follow the life of a young Asian hot girl on Instagram? Miu is a popular DJ in South Korea, as well as a gorgeous model. Her IG feed is crammed with almost naked pictures of her hot body. Miu knows her power and uses it to her advantage!

She loves trying on various costumes and swimsuits, and especially taking pictures in them. Miu was sculpted by gods: a full D bra cup, flat tummy, and deliciously long legs. She often performs as a DJ in online festivals. If you want to keep up with Miu’s active life, follow her on Instagram!


Now you have the top list of hot Asian girls to follow on Instagram. What’s your favorite?