Top Facts That Prove Sexy Asian Women Are Really Worth Dating!

Top Facts That Prove Sexy Asian Women Are Really Worth Dating!

Want to meet a hot Asian woman? Want to have an Asian wife? Or maybe you just want to find a girlfriend from China, Japan, Thailand, or Vietnam? In all these cases, you have come to the right place — right here, we will tell you everything you need to know about these awesome single women.

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We will tell you the most interesting facts about the ladies from Asia and we’ll also tell you where to find an Asian girl — and don’t worry, it’s actually not that difficult. The same applies to the dating etiquette in Asia — it makes sense these women are different from Western women, but dating Asian girls is actually similar to dating European and American ladies (with only slight differences).

Asian Girls

You will have to be the leader of your relationship, you’ll have to plan everything, and you will also have to be respectful to your Asian gf as well as to her whole family because family is extremely important for these girls. Just follow these simple rules and you’ll get any Asian lady!

Hot Asian girls: 3 most interesting facts about them

First, a short disclaimer: every Asian girl is different, and there is no such thing as “typical Japanese woman” or “typical Vietnamese woman”, and what is even more important, there is no such thing as “typical Asian girl”. It’s like asking “what are the advantages of dating a Western woman” — it’s impossible to answer such a question without stereotypes and generalization. However, they still have a lot of things in common (we are talking about personality and character traits here). Let’s talk about these things. Oh, and we won’t focus on the physical and sex aspects — it’s up to you to figure these aspects out!

  • Hot Asain girls don’t just want to be “girlfriends”. They want to become wives and mothers, but if you are looking for casual relationships, these women are probably not the best option. This applies to all Asian girls, especially to women from Southeastern Asia.
  • When it comes to dating, they are a little old-fashioned. For example, they believe that it’s a man who must invite a lady, plan the date, and pay for the dates — they believe that a man must be the head of the family. However, many Korean and Japanese women (especially those in their 20s) have more liberal views on dating.
  • They are usually very straightforward, especially when we are talking about the ladies from Eastern Asia (China, Japan, etc). They don’t hide their feelings, they don’t play games, and they are definitely not manipulative.
Asian woman

Where to get a hot Asian woman?

There are actually two places where you can find beautiful foreign girls — mail order bride websites and Tinder (Tinder-like apps such as Zoosk and Match fall into this category, too). Let’s talk about each of them.

  1. First, let’s talk about Tinder. Millions of hot Asian women use this app, and lots of them see nothing wrong with dating a guy from the United States or from Europe. However, there is one problem with Tinder. The thing is, this app (and similar apps) are mostly for those who need something casual — so if you are searching for an Asian friend with benefits, it might work. But if you are looking for something more serious, it’s probably not the best app in the world.
  2. Mail order bride platforms, in turn, are focused on people who are searching for something more serious than Tinder. They don’t usually have millions of members, but it’s actually easier to find a girl on such websites, even if their audience is not as big as Tinder’s audience. The thing is, women who use mail bride websites usually know what exactly they want and have nothing wrong with dating foreigners. The main disadvantage of such websites is that they are usually not that cheap, but they are still worth the money.

As you can see, dating a girl from Asia can be quite easy and pleasing. Yet, it requires contributing to a relationship. Anyway, a hot Asian female is totally worth it, for real!