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Costa Rican bride: how to flirt with her during a date?

If Costa Rica is famous for its beaches and beautiful nature, the country also has another reputation: the beauty of the Latin American girls who call it home. If you don’t know how to flirt with a Costa Rican woman, you’ve come to the right place to learn the basics.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how Costa Rican girls work so that you can better identify them and understand what they are looking for in a foreign man. This is sure to increase your chances of seducing a Costa Rican bride.

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What does a Costa Rican bride look like?

According to data that can be found on Wikipedia, the country is made up of many descendants of Europeans. Because of this, there is a high probability that the Costa Rican woman you are going to meet will identify as white.

Here are the ethnic statistics of the people of Costa Rica, based on their self-report:

  • 84% of whites.
  • 7% of Métis.
  • 2% Native Americans.
  • 1% blacks.
  • 0.2% Chinese.
  • 6% who did not specify anything.

If you have the cliché of the “classic” Latina in your mind, then the Costa Rican woman might not be for you. However, these figures should be put into perspective, as many people tend to think of themselves as “white”. In reality, many “whites” are in fact Métis, even if in the end the country is overwhelmingly of European origin.

Seduce by knowing the mentality of Costa Rican girls

Before you can successfully seduce Costa Rican girls, it is important to know their mentality well. Without mastering their culture or their way of thinking, it will be difficult to know what can appeal to Costa Rican brides.

In Latin America, mixed race girls are generally the easiest to seduce if you are white. However, as we have seen above, there are very few such people in the country. Unless you focus on the 15% of the population who are not white, you’re going to need to develop some good strategies to appeal to Costa Rican girls.

If you want to seduce a “white” bride, know that you don’t really have any beauty advantages if you are also of European descent. So you can’t really play on that asset, since it isn’t for these women for marriage. It should also be kept in mind that the country is quite touristy. As a result, you also do not have the opportunity to pass for someone really exotic with your Canadian or European nationality.

Where you can make a difference is by behaving differently from other tourists. Costa Rican brides now understand that most visitors just want to sleep with them. So there are fewer and fewer girls in Costa Rica who trust foreigners, except the few who just want to have fun.

In order to gain the confidence of a Costa Rican, you can try to be softer. For example, don’t try to kiss her immediately and wait until you want to bring her back to your bed. You can also play the card of the man who has fallen in love with the country and wishes to come and live there.

Favorite activities of Costa Rican brides

If for you Costa Rica means relaxing on the beach and walking in the jungle, this will not be the case for the locals. Of course, some Costa Rican women do these activities, but for the majority of the population, they are mundane things that no longer interest them.

It is therefore important to offer girls in Costa Rica quite unusual activities when you meet them. Always keep in mind that your tastes as a tourist are not the same as the tastes of the locals.

In order to change the routine of a Costa Rican girl, you can offer her these kinds of activities:

  • Restaurants with food from your country. This will make him discover new flavors for sure.
  • You can also try the option of a picnic “à la française”. This is unusual for the locals.
  • It is also possible to play the romantic card, by inviting him to a candlelight dinner with relaxing French music. Etc.

The important thing is to find something unusual in the eyes of the Costa Rican bride you covet. This is how you will make a difference from other men. So don’t choose something unique and new for yourself, but for her.

Mistakes to Avoid When Seducing a Costa Rican Bride

Always be careful about your behavior or what you say when trying to seduce a Costa Rican woman. If you keep the habits of your country, you may unwittingly upset the girl you want. It is therefore important to understand the cultural differences between countries in order to avoid misinterpretations.

Here are some things to absolutely avoid when trying to seduce a Costa Rican bride:

The name of the capital San José. It is a very common name for many cities throughout the Latin American continent. But for the locals, it is the name of their capital and it must be something unique. So avoid making jokes about them about the name of this city.

The physical appearance of people. If you are hoping for the beautiful Latin mixed race, then you are going to be disappointed. Most of the inhabitants are of European descent. And for the locals, that’s normal. They don’t understand why tourists think mail order brides are mixed race.

Some people have the unfortunate tendency to confuse Costa Rica with Panama. This is insulting, because they are very different countries, but they are right next to each other on the map. Show yourself a minimum cultured and avoid this mistake.

The absence of an army. Costa Rica is a country without an army. In the event of a problem, the USA must intervene to help the country. However, it goes very badly among a large part of the population. This is a taboo subject that is delicate to broach and can upset the Costa Rican girl you are trying to seduce.

The progression of the rainforest. You are no doubt aware that the number of trees has increased considerably in the last few years in the country. But you are also probably aware that the total size of the forest had been reduced to over 70%. If you had to bring up the subject with your interlocutor, just congratulate her on the growth in the number of trees and especially not stress the fact that in the end the forest has a smaller area than at the time.

Marry a Costarican girl

You may one day plan to marry a Costa Rican girl. This is very good, because if it is a marriage of love, then we can only rejoice for you. However, you have to be careful not to be naive when you are in a relationship with a woman from Costa Rica.

If the country is one of the most prosperous in the American continent and the standard of living of the inhabitants is more than adequate, the fact remains that it is difficult for a Costa Rican person to travel to certain countries or to get there. install. Some Costa Rican brides may then be tempted to find a foreign husband to facilitate this installation.

However, compared to many other countries, it is rather rare for a Costa Rican bride to marry a foreign man to obtain papers. The quality of life in Costa Rica is already at a good level and few people try to go into exile.

Getting married to a Costa Rican woman should always be done if there is genuine love between the people. For this, it is important never to skip steps. You have to take your time and only after living together with a Costa Rican bride for a certain period of time should you consider marrying her.

Where is it possible to meet a Costa Rican girl?

As we have seen, the country is doing quite well economically. Besides, there aren’t many people in Costa Rica. As a result, it will be very difficult to find a Costa Rican girl in a French speaking country. So you will understand: you will have to go to Costa Rica to meet a girl from the country.

Once in Costa Rica, you have the following options for getting to know the country’s women:

Bars and nightclubs. However, avoid places frequented by tourists. Then you won’t have anything exceptional and the girls won’t necessarily be interested in you.

On your way to the beach. But this place only works if you have a very attractive body. If you are not the athletic type, this is something to avoid.

The street drag. Try to be original, because on the continent it is very common. In case you can’t tell the difference, the girl will send you off.

By using a dating site. This is what we will see in the next point.

Meet Costa Rican Women On A Dating Site

If you can’t make it to Costa Rica or just want to play on more than one board at once, you can also use the option of a dedicated dating site to get to know Costa Rican girls.

In our opinion, Latin American Cupid is an excellent platform for getting to know Costa Rican brides. In fact, this is even the option that we consider to be the most interesting. With any luck, you might be able to meet a Costa Rican who lives in your country without you knowing it.

To learn more about this dating platform, we invite you to review our full review: LatinAmericanCupid review.

Conclusion on dating a girl in Costa Rica

Now is the time to conclude our article on dating a girl in Costa Rica. We hope you liked it and that it will make it easier for you to seduce brides from this country.

Keep in mind that these are general recommendations to apply when you only know the Costa Rican nationality of the girl you want. It will always be more effective to use personalized approaches when attempting your seduction approaches.

Please do not hesitate to leave us your feedback after implementing our advice, we would be happy to know it has been useful to you. We wish you good luck and hope you will succeed in seducing a Costa Rican girl.