Meet Belarus Brides & Women: Tips For Meeting And Flirting With Belarus Girls

Belarus bride

According to our Belarus Women opinion, these are arguably Europe’s lesser-known girls except for the people who really care. As a result, it is still a place untouched by foreigners and it makes the East Belarusian girl more easily accessible. So there is a good opportunity to successfully flirt with a foreign woman easily.

In this article we will cover all the important points to please Belarus women and how to seduce Belarusian brides without much difficulty.

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The advantage of being a foreigner in the eyes of Belarusian Brides

If you want to seduce Belarus girls in a natural way and for a serious relationship (or pretty much, that’s up to you), it won’t be that difficult as a foreigner.

Being a foreigner means to some venal Belarusian mail order brides that you are a good match because in their eyes you are rich. But fortunately, most of them will not.

In the collective imagination of Belarusian women, there is a kind of hidden instinct that will make them choose someone exotic. This person must be from another culture and speak another language. There is a popular belief in the country that marrying a foreign person is a good thing.

Just being a foreigner therefore already makes you attractive to many Belarusian women. So you already have a huge advantage before you even start trying to seduce a Belarusian girl. On your way to the capital, you will have the opportunity to start dating a girl from Minsk. It is in our eyes the first city you must visit in the country. You are free to travel to other cities in Belarus afterwards. However, you will need to master the Russian language if you leave the capital.

The price to pay to meet a Belarusian woman

Talk about price is maybe a bit out of place. It sounds a lot like prostitution or a Slavic dating agency scam. Here when we talk about price, we are talking about the time it will take you to seduce a Belarusian bride.

Once you notice that the Belarusian woman you want to seduce seems interested in you, you can take it up a notch.

You should then be aware that you will need several meetings to achieve your goals. If you want a serious girl, don’t expect to have sex with Belarusian brides soon. Instead, take a look at our article about clubbing if your goal is to have a quick sleep with someone. Here we are talking about a minimum serious relationship.

When you meet a woman from Belarus, you must be the man and act as such. It is still a very patriarchal country and the man must “lead” the woman and take all the initiatives.

Depending on the Belarusian girl you invite on a date, you will have to choose activities that suit her. For example if she likes French culture, try to find a French restaurant and invite her over. If she likes it simple, suggest that she show you the city where she lives and take the opportunity to chat with her.

Try as much as possible to vary the activities, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, from the cheapest to the most expensive. Be careful not to set the bar too high at the start, otherwise it will get used to a certain standard and you will always have to continue on that level.

Belarusian brides mentality

Despite the stereotypes one may have about Belarusian girls, the Belarusian female mentality is still very Soviet. She will have a hard time trusting someone she has only just met.

For example, if you suggest that she come to your house to pick up a coat before going to another place, that might shock her. In her mindset, that means you probably have “bad” intentions like trying to rape her or that sort of thing.

In the country, women are quite suspicious. Every time you offer them something, they will systematically imagine the worst. It is part of the mentality of the Belarusian girls.

Belarusian mail order brides character

At the level of Belarusian bride character, it can be said that girls in the country are quite easygoing. Unlike the Russian girls, the Belarusian woman has a relatively calm temperament.

As a result, there is no risk of finding yourself in situations where the girl will absolutely try to be right in a discussion and will not let go until you tell her that you are at fault.

Usually, arguments in a romantic relationship with a Belarusian girl are rather rare because they tend to have a cool character.

The rule of 3 dates with Belarus women

It is important never to push Belarus women too hard. They don’t like it at all and it could result in your dating attempt to fail.

Here is the rule of 3 dates. It’s not perfect and it can vary from girl to girl, but it’s a good basis:

On the first date, be a gentleman, introduce yourself, ask questions, etc. Then offer to take her back to the metro or offer her a taxi. Never offer to take her home, this is considered rough and will scare the girl.

On the second date, try to find an activity that matches the discussion you had with her during the first meeting. Again, at the end, be cool and don’t try anything (unless she pounces on you – in which case let it be). Offer to take her back to the metro or order a taxi for her.

However, in the third meeting, we will have to move up a gear. If she’s already agreed to see you 3 times, she’s most likely interested in you. Try suggesting a romantic activity or a night out where you go for a few drinks. Then try your luck by trying to kiss her. If she wants more than a kiss, she will suggest it to you on her own. Otherwise, wait another date or two before considering this step.

Compliment Belarusian girls to seduce them

Belarusian brides like compliments, but under certain conditions. Most of the men in Belarus are ultra-cold and very stingy in compliments. This is because they have been used to seeing pretty girls everywhere from birth and it seems quite normal to them. Compliment the Belarusian girl will help you seduce her.

But deep down, Belarusian girls expect a foreigner to be a little more romantic, and a compliment every now and then is much appreciated.

In the country, it is said that girls love through their ears. So don’t hesitate to give compliments, but don’t overdo it.

If you overdo it, it could send a signal to a smart Belarusian woman that you love her and that she can do exactly what she wants with you. So avoid putting yourself in such a situation!

Compliments in moderation, YES! Compliments every 5 minutes, NO!

Seduction and flowers for Belarus women

In post-Soviet culture, flowers still have enormous importance in an attempt at seduction. The bigger the bouquet, the more it means to Belarus women that you like them.

As suicidal it may seem to give a bouquet of flowers to a girl with feminist leanings in France, it is suicidal not to give flowers to a Belarusian girl.

This will mean in her eyes that you are ready for a serious relationship and she will open up to you more easily. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want a serious relationship, keep in mind, however, that you will need to act like you want one. Otherwise, you will lose your chances of concluding with a charming Belarusian.

Be aware that if you have the opportunity to find a good girl who can actually love you and be totally devoted to you, it would be really stupid to waste this opportunity.

There are so many opportunities to find girls “for fun” in other situations that it wouldn’t be cool at all to break the heart of a decent woman who is willing to do anything for you.

How to meet a woman from Belarus?

If you want to meet a woman from Belarus, you have several options for this.

Some people like to meet women from Belarus by going directly to the country. They can then either participate in particular events, or go to bars, nightclubs, in the street or in shopping centers.

However, there is a very high risk that you will find yourself limited by the language barrier by doing so.

There is also the possibility of meeting a Belarusian bride in your own country. But let’s not hide the fact that it is rather rare to find someone from Belarus outside of their country.

Finally, there is also the option of dating sites to get in touch with women in Belarus. This is one of the ways we recommend, because it is one of the most effective, especially if you do not master the Russian language.

Meet Belarusian woman on a website

It is also possible to prepare the ground on the internet in order to prepare your trip properly. By making contact before you travel to the country, you will greatly increase your chances of successfully dating Belarusian women. In addition, you can try to bring her to your home if you do not want to travel to Belarus.

There are different websites where you can hook up with women from Belarus. Some are reliable, while others are full of scams and you will never be able to meet a Belarusian woman.

The most interesting site for us to establish contact with charming Belarusians is undoubtedly Russian Cupid. There are a lot of pretty girls out there and they will usually come to you. This site is also famous for dating Russian girls. There is currently no website dedicated to dating specifically for Belarusian girls. But Belarusian girls regularly use Russian Cupid, because they know that many foreigners are looking for Slavic beauties on these two websites.

Conclusion on the Belarus girl flirtation

So here we are at the end of this little introductory guide to understanding the flirtation of a Belarusian girl. Much of this guide was about finding a good woman for a serious relationship, with what to do if possibly serious relationships were not your real goal.

Do whatever you want, it’s up to you anyway. But keep in mind that it’s not nice to break the heart of someone who truly believes in love with a stranger, especially when you are that stranger.

If you just want some fun, check out our other articles on the subject. We are fully aware that some of you are keen on conquering success and that serious relationships are not for everyone.