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Czech women, like most Eastern Europeans, are known to be downright sexy. If you’ve been to Prague before, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about!

I’ve also been to the Czech capital and admired the many beautiful women there. But I’m not a regular visitor to Prague. That’s why I asked my friends and acquaintances who are more experienced in how best to get to know beautiful Czech women.

What I was able to get to know about Czech women on the subject clears up many a common prejudice. All Prague experts I know agree that getting to know beautiful Czech women is very different from what they were told before their first visit to the Czech metropolis.

So let’s start with how you most likely won’t meet sexy Czech women:

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Get to know typical clichés about Czech women

Hand on heart: When you think of sexy Czech women, who doesn’t inevitably think of the extremely active porn industry in Eastern Europe? But contrary to popular belief, most beautiful Prague women – and other sexy Czech women – do NOT work in the porn industry.

Another cliché about Czech women that I’ve heard many times myself is that both beer and women are extremely cheap in Prague. You understand: since supposedly almost all beautiful Czech women are (potential) porn actresses, they supposedly also have private sex for money.

I can only say that of all my acquaintances who have already been to Prague, not a single woman has met a woman who was not an official prostitute!

There is certainly a strong – but NEGATIVE – connection between cheap Prague beer and the topic of getting to know Czech women. This is such an important aspect that it deserves a chapter of its own:

Drink cheap beer in Prague and DO NOT meet any Czech women

All the Prague experts I have asked about the topic of meeting Czech women agree on one thing: the hordes of drunk male foreign tourists who populate the bars and clubs of the Czech capital have now completely ruined Prague’s nightlife!

An especially drunk Brits are notorious for their absolutely clumsy pick-up attempts, all Prague women with class avoid the well-known tourist filling stations like the plague. That is why today there is just one woman for every ten men in many of these locations. And that doesn’t mean that this one woman is Czech …

You will only meet most of the beautiful and stylish Prague women at night at private parties, to which you, as a newcomer to Prague, will not be able to enter easily – because that is exactly one of the main reasons for these parties!

For this reason alone, it is definitely worth going off the beaten track in Prague and trying as hard as possible to get to know the locals. Because once you are an insider, you will easily get to know many beautiful Czech women!

But as is well known, something like this does not happen overnight. So what do you do when, for example, you are only spending a weekend in Prague and still want to meet breathtakingly beautiful Czech women? There are tried and tested ways to do this, too:

Smart ways to meet beautiful Czech women

Instead of walking the beaten path and hanging around in overcrowded tourist locations, you should break new ground if you want to meet sexy Czech women.

Don’t go to the well-known places and squares, but rather explore the smaller side streets, the local markets and the regional shops of the Czech capital. These are the locations where you will find real Prague residents – and thus also the Prague women famous for their beauty.

As you can see, in Prague you have the best chance of meeting Czech women if you talk to them on the street. Here are some tips on how to properly address women on the street. This means that in the Czech capital you should definitely not drink a little courage before you talk to a sexy woman from Prague! Absolute sobriety is your only chance here not to be immediately branded as a drunken foreign bully by the beautiful local ladies!

  • In addition, you have to at least prove to the particularly stylish and interesting Prague women that you are not a headless tourist who is only after quick sex.
  • Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to have good sex with a beautiful Czech girl after a good chat. It’s just a matter of approaching it with a little tact and style.
  • So instead of starting with a worn-out saying like: “Hey beautiful, what’s your name?”, You should make a little more effort. For example, you could say, “You look like a very artistic guy. Are you more interested in painting or literature? ”Or:“ I am passionate about traveling. What is your passion? “
  • You can already see: style – not beer – is the real key here!
  • You should of course also symbolize style with your clothes. Here are a few tips for an attractive style.