• June 18, 2021
 Top-Tier List Of Chinese Girls On Instagram

Top-Tier List Of Chinese Girls On Instagram

If you’re thinking of getting a girlfriend from China, subscribe to a couple of Chinese sexy ladies to see how they look, behave, and live. To make it even easier, this article gathers the top 10 women from this country on IG. Now let’s dive into the good stuff!

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Lil CHILI @xiaolajiao_j3

A hot, young, and beautiful Lil Chili is the first one in this top 10 list. She only has 177k followers, but her content is always on point! Chili is about to win you over too—athletic slim body, luscious black hair, and flawless Oriental facial features. Her page is astonishing on its own, but the comments under her posts are a whole another level of humor!

Chili’s fans are going crazy over her pictures and are flooding this lady with compliments, questions, and jokes. If you want to become a part of this friendly community of Chinese hot women lovers, follow Lil Chili!


Zhang Xinyu @me.0629

Xinyu is a 22 y.o. public figure, model, and a local TikTok star. Every picture on her page is a piece of art. She’s either taking a walk with her friends, exercising, or taking pictures of Chinese nature. Xinyu is a spa queen: dirt baths, hot springs, and ocean dives are her daily breath of fresh air.

This Chinese sexy girl can dress in a Spider costume and still look as stunning as in a tight cocktail dress. Become one of her 251k followers and watch Xinyu dress up in various costumes for fun.

Zhang Xinyu

Feng Fax”fengfan_x

This lady stands among the top 10 most beautiful and sexy Chinese women because of her exotic look. Feng doesn’t have an average Chinese appearance—her eyes are quite big and her fashion sense stands out from the rest. Genetics gave Feng a gorgeous body and natural charms she’s not afraid to show.

Feng is a model and fashion influencer in China. Being only 22, this young lady has secured a name in the Chinese modeling world for good. Go through her profile and feel yourself instantly become happier.

Feng Fax

FeiFei Sung @feifeisun

Although she’s conquered dozens of international fashion runways, not a lot of people know her name. FeiFei is a Chinese model and dancer, with a bit over 460k followers. Not too much for such a sexy Chinese girl! FeiFei has followers from all over the globe, so she writes post descriptions simply and easily for everyone to understand—emojis.

Her page is clean and doesn’t have any extensive nudity. Do you want to get closer to hot and sexy Chinese women through Instagram slowly and comfortably? Click and follow FeiFei!

FeiFei Sung

Lynn Uyi @lynnyuyi530

This hot Chinese girl on Instagram quit her job to pursue a YouTube career. Uyi was 23 when she left her prestigious job and decided to be who she always wanted to be—a performer. Now, she’s using her skills and experience to collaborate with lingerie brands, travel the world, and enjoy her life to the fullest.

Uyi wanted it, Uyi got it! She constantly receives packages from various brands for promotion and a rising YouTube channel. Go follow this cutie on IG and enjoy her positive content in English.

Lynn Uyi

Sam Eliza @heungheungliza

An actress, the Miss China International 10, and a beautiful Instagram Chinese girl—Eliza is one of the hottest Chinese women ever born on this planet. Her sexiness isn’t vulgar, it’s natural. The way Eliza carries herself in public and in Stories/photos is simply charming and seductive. Now that she’s done with a model career, she became an influencer and constantly helps various Chinese organizations.

Eliza is a must-follow Chinese woman because she’ll bring you aesthetic content and, of course, her stunning self!

Sam Eliza

Chara Fang @charafang

No words can describe the power this Instagram Chinese girl has over thousands of followers across the globe. Chara promotes self-love, beauty, and positive vibes only. She finds sharing dazzling pictures on her IG page fun. If you need some eye candy on your feed, immediately follow Chara to bless your timeline!

Chara is a rising YouTube star, model, artist, and one of the most beautiful Chinese girls on Instagram. With more than 170k followers, her page seems to be starting up with its popularity a bit. This wonderful woman tries to post every day and keep her page wild, real, and attractive.

Chara Fang

Gatita Yan @gatitayan777

Welcome the Chinese queen of cleavage to your IG following list. Gatita works as a lingerie and beauty model in her home country. She’s got more than 2,7 million followers and provides them with an astonishing amount of high-quality content every week. Gatita’s a true pro in cosplay and role-dressing costumes. One day she’s a plane pilot, second, she’s a mermaid.

Gatita proves that Chinese women are sexy, independent, and smart. What else do you need in an IG lady? Subscribe to her page, and your eyes will thank you.

Gatita Yan

Jenna Chu @jenna_chew

This woman is a true gift to humanity—once you see her pictures, you’ll never want to unfollow her IG page. Jenna is a modern queen of Chinese TikTok and one of the sexy Chinese ladies you’d like to follow. She regularly posts on all her social media, but Instagram is her true love. If you didn’t know about beautiful and sexy Chinese women, just follow Jenna and you’ll know what true Chinese beauty is.

Jenna’s content is mostly her posing in various gorgeous clothes and with different makeup. Her body? Flawless. Her smile? Precious. Her outfits? Seductive.

Jenna Chu

Vicky Cheung @vickycheung___

Last but not least, dear Vicky Cheung. She’s an artistic director for star photoshoots and magazine covers, as well as a fashion legend. She wears anything and it looks flaming hot. If hot Chinese ladies are a topic of discussion, nobody can keep themselves from mentioning Vicky./p>

Vicky’s page consists of her crazy sexy looks, blondish hair pics, work dumps, and much interesting content, which can add more life and drive into your Asian-loving IG feed. Vicky is unapologetically herself, and this trait makes her even hotter than before.

Vicky Cheung

Every Chinese girl from this list is hot and sexy in her own way. Whom from this Instagram Chinese ladies list do you like the most?