• June 18, 2021
 Top-Tier List Of 10 Instagram Japanese Cute Girls

Top-Tier List Of 10 Instagram Japanese Cute Girls

Japanese hot women have always been an attraction, but in the modern world where everybody follows everyone on social media, nobody can beat cute Japanese girls on Instagram. Are they just as hot in pictures as they are in real life? The only way to find out is to check out their IG profiles!

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Kiko Mizuhara @i_am_kiko

A girl known for her doe eyes, immense acting talent, and stunning slim figure. Kiko is 30 years old, but she doesn’t look older than 24! This sexy and cute Japanese girls is a successful model, actress, influencer, and brand ambassador. Kiko inspires her fans and followers to take care of the environment and constantly chats about various topics under her posts.

Besides being a strong 5’6, she’s got a feminine appearance and petite posture. Her long legs mixed with cute and sexy facial features attract thousands of people worldwide. Don’t believe it? Check out her looks on Instagram!

Kiko Mizuhara

Yuri Shibuya @shibuya_yuri

This Japanese sexy girl on Instagram has conquered more than a million hearts with her stunning looks. Yuri is a young and gorgeous Japanese athlete who loves weightlifting, cute gym costumes, and taking pictures. She became one of the hottest Japanese girls on Instagram not only with her appearance but a deep personality too!

She sets an example of how to take care of your body with exercises and a healthy lifestyle to all the sexy Japanese ladies. Yuri is a definition of a strong and feminine lady from Japan, so if you’re into this kind of girl, following Yuri is a must.

Yuri Shibuya

Aya Kawasaki @kawasaki_aya

Welcome another Japanese cutie to your IG feed—miss Aya. She’s a young hot Japanese lady who turns your favorite characters into real-life pictures! Her page is crammed with luxury underwear photoshoots, where her fans can admire her godlike body. She’s petite, yet has a thin waist, flat tummy, and delicious legs.

Aya’s most liked pictures are mostly of her in a sexy bunny costume. No wonder: she looks stunning and extremely hot! Follow this cutie on Instagram for more amazing sexy Japanese content.

Aya Kawasaki

Muchiko Tenchi @super_muchiko

Another one of Instagram Japanese cute girls, Tenchi is a stunning 22 y.o. model, brand ambassador, and a club dancer. She loves sharing her life on Stories, and constantly updates her page with new amazing pictures. She doesn’t know much English, but translation on IG works just fine to understand what she means.

Tenchi loves doing cosplays from time to time (she has already done Kimetsu no Yaiba and Overwatch characters), as well as putting on extra gorgeous dance/traditional costumes. If you want to bless your timeline with a sexy Japanese lady, Tenchi is a top choice!

Muchiko Tenchi

Nitori Sayaka @uw.sayaka

Nobody can deny that this young Japanese woman is immensely hot! Sayaka stands out from the rest of the girls: almost every picture on her page is showing off her stunning body. She knows she’s stunning and she loves it! Sayaka is a young model for underwear and adult magazines.

Sayaka has worked with dozens of local clothing and beauty brands, so you’ll often see amazing ad posts which don’t even look like ads. This cute Japanese girl on Instagram will bless your timeline with her stunning photos, so don’t miss out the chance and check out her on IG ASAP!

Nitori Sayaka

Riri @riregram

Riri is among the top beautiful and sexy Japanese women on Instagram for many reasons: she’s successful, gorgeous, and loves what she does! She has a YouTube blog channel, and all her posts have an English description! If you’re looking for a stunning Japanese lady on IG, Riri is exactly what your timeline needs.

Riri often recommends nice places to visit, from restaurants to spa resorts and museums. She shares not only breathtaking pictures of herself but helpful information and interesting details on her life with more than a million IG followers.


Airi Shimizu @shimizuiairi

If you need more spicy Japanese content on your page, this Japanese sexy girl on Instagram delivers! Her page is a photo album of her gorgeous body. From her luxurious hard down to her silky legs—she’s a dream girl of many men. Airi has a bit over 1 million followers, but not a lot of true Japanese beauty enjoyers know her.

Airi loves underwear photoshoots, she’s highly popular among local lingerie companies, so many people can see her on monthly magazine covers, which Airi is super proud of.

Airi Shimizu

Yui Na @y_i_n35

This lady is more on the side of cute Japanese girls on Instagram, but worth your follow! Yui is a 22 y.o. gorgeous Japanese model, TIkToker, and influencer. Her IG has a simple and cute aesthetic: lovely selfies, picnic dates, cats, and friends. Her sexy and cute appearance is quite rare among Japanese girls on Instagram.

Although her page is mainly cute photos, some of Yui’s content is extremely tasty. Once she wears a tight shirt that shows her soft skin and beautiful cleavage, everyone goes crazy in the comment section. Yui will add lively content to your IG feed, so don’t miss out on this cutie.

Yui Na

Sawayama Rina @rinasonline

Another gorgeous addition to this top list of the hottest Japanese girls on Instagram. Rina is a 30 y.o. Japanese singer, actress, and influencer based in the UK. She’s won over thousands of hearts with her stunning looks, beautiful voice, and open-minded approach to life. Her page is crammed with otherworldly photos of her.

Rina is a creative bird and loves experimenting with her appearance a lot. She puts on different makeup and clothes, loves to perform and travel, and keeps a close connection to her fans. If you want to follow the life of a rising Japanese-British star, hit the follow button on her Instagram!

Sawayama Rina

Fujita Nicole @2525nicole2

Nicole is one of a kind. She’s petite, sexy&cute, and owns clothing and a beauty brand. Besides, she’s among the most beautiful Japanese women on Instagram. What else do you need? Nicole is a successful model, entrepreneur, and stunning lady.

Her hair color changes every week, but her beauty doesn’t seem to fade a bit. Her profile looks clean and pleasing to the eye. Japanese aesthetic lovers love her page for simplicity and HD photoshoot pictures!

Fujita Nicole

Japanese girls are hot, no doubt. And there are the best of them. Which Japanese girl is the one perfect sexy lady for you?